COMSTECH Training Course on Foresight

In line of its mandate the COMSTECH executed training in Technology Foresight (TF) for two weeks starting 29 June to 10 July 2009

The Standing Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH) was established in January 1981.The Committee was mandated to undertake follow-up-action and implementation of the resolutions of Islamic Conference, to study all possible means of strengthening cooperation among Members States and to draw up programs and submit proposals designed to increase the capability of the Muslim countries in the fields of science and technology. With the objectives:
·         Assessment of the human and material resources of OIC member states and determination of science and technology needs and requirements.
·         Building up the indigenous capability of member states in the fields of science and technology through cooperation and mutual assistance.
·         Promotion of cooperation and coordination amongst the member states in science and technology. Creation of an effective institutional structure of planning, research and development and monitoring of science and technology activities in high technology areas
COMSTECH executed the training course in Technology Foresight (TF) for two weeks starting 29 June to 10 July 2009 attended by some members of the OIC members of whom Sudan participated with 5 delegates from the affiliated research centers of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
The program covered the following main topics:
  • Thinking about the future, rationales and objectives of Foresight, Introduction to Foresight methods
  • Environmental scanning; forecasting; Delphi; creative methods
  • Developing and using scenarios; fitting things together – the methods ‘jigsaw’
  • Planning a foresight exercise; future technological prospects; social foresight; regional and national foresight case studies
  • Foresight outputs, implementation, and evaluation, forum on the future of Foresight and practical session presentations

 Prof. Ian Miles of Manchester University in Britain delivering his presentations by video conference

Ian Miles from Britain by Video Conference

The program enjoyed the vast experiences of international experts; Prof. Dr. Sohail Inayatallah Pakistani expert residing in Australia, Dr. S. T. Naim a consultant with COMSTECH and a former chairperson of science and technology committe known by her devotion and commitment to science and technology; together with Prof. Atta ur Rahman led a revolution in higher education and revived science and technology in their country that rank number five now in science production meseaured by the scientific publishing in international journals.

From Britain via video conferencing Prof. Ian Miles from University of Manchester transmitted his presentations and participants had the opportunity to interact with him.

 Sohail n Naim

Dr. Naim n Izat

Beside the ordinary presentations given by the distinguished experts in technology foresigh, the participants practised group works to reach consensus about issues of foresight and had the opprtunity to present their work to the participants and to the experts in Britain, moreover, a unique way of interaction was performed with Prof. Sohail where participants learned about their inner stories and their future scenarios.

Group work

Participants were also entertained through Islamabad to see the different cultures this great country has... most important of which is the picnic to Murre mountain through a long road that surrounds the mountain to reach to an area over 2000 meters populated by pakistani people with their markets, restaurants and hotels and of course many tourists...


Prticipants were hosted in COMSTECH guest house, which is similar to 5 star hotels in its cleanliness, excellent food and services and of course they were offered local transport.