Whose Trees ---- PANOS

Ti: Whose Trees, A people’s view of forestry AID
Au: Mohamed Hisham, Salah Goda, Izat Mirghani and Eiman Diab
Loc: A book published by PANOS publication Ltd. London, UK (1991)
Ab: How do you protect forests when local people are desperate for fuel-wood, fodder and cultivable land? How do you balance government needs from revenue from timber, with international demands for nature conservation? When people are surviving one day at a time, how can you ask them to undertake the long-term investment of growing trees?. After decades of forestry aid, denuded hillsides continue to lose their topsoil and rural women must still spend hours every day just gathering the fuel to cook a daily meal. Where have forestry projects been going wrong?. Panos commissioned independent teams in Nepal, Tanzania and Sudan to explore how far three different projects are succeeding in involving local people and in meeting their real needs. Their reports examine past mistakes and provide a fresh perspective-that of men and women at the village level-on what sustainable forestry must entail if it is to succeed.