Master Degree

Ti: The influence of some pesticides on Legume-Rhizobium symbiosis
Au: Izat Mirghani Taha
Loc: Institute of Environmental Studies, University of Khartoum 1987
M. Sc. thesis
Ab: The influence of some pesticides on isolated samples of nitrogen fixing bacteria (Rhizobium spp.) was examined using the bioresponse assay technique. Five pesticides have commonly been applied in Gezira Scheme pest control programme viz Oxidiazone (herbicide), Chlorofenviphos; and Cyper-methrin (insecticides), Sanigran; Heptachlorothiaram (fungicides). A laboratory test was carried out to determine the toxic and bacteriostatic effect of these pesticides on Rhizobium spp.
The results indicate that 1/ fungicides exert toxic and potent bacteriostatic effect, 2/ the herbicide is ineffective , 3/ where as insecticides have minimal or benign effects.
The symbiotic function of Rhizobium bacteria on groundnut investigated as regards the herbicidal and fungicidal effects. The groundnuts responded negatively to fungicides, which retard nodulation and impair nitrogen fixation. The study advocates the withdrawal or minimum levels of fungicides in pest control programmes.
Supervisors: Dr. Tagelsir Bashir
                       Prof. Asim Elmoghraby